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gonzalez and she is suing casey anthony and will be like with us to talk in a moment. [ mom ] one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor. and it's nice for me to be able to syes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavor gluten free is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. shannon stone, shannon stone, russian on stone, russian on stone >>shepard: and now jobs growth grinding to a near halt according to a report released by the labor department. the unemployment rate is at a six month rate of 9.2 percent. and president obama called a news conference to talk about that this morning. >> today's job report confirms what most americans already know. we still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do to get people the security and opportu
a name?"c. anthony says: "her name is zeeaada fernandez-gonzalez"dispatccer --3 saas: "who is that? - babysitttr?"c. anthony says: "she's been my nnnny." turred out,,casey lied. buu there was a reaa pzenaida gonzzlez", a perfect -3 stranggr to the anttony -3 faaily. gonzalez sued. everrsince she accuseddme of being my nanny. i kinda lost p was living at. they didn't want e being there because & they thouuht iiwas a kidnapperr" gonzalez and hee lawyer had casey subpoened tuesday in jaii. after never taking the stand in the & criiinal trial, casey may be forced to talk at a dposition ffr the civil suit july nnieteenth..organ saas::"we're goinn to ask her questions like when was the last tiie yoo saw caayee. what haapened & anything after caylle died? &pwhht did you do wth her body, if anything? who wws in on it the anthony family was deposed ii tte zenaidaagonzalez civil case in two-thousand-nine. things got hheted.cindy anthony says: "it was c.. 3& zenaida fernandee gonzalez. no, no." gonzalez' 3 stumbled uuonngonza
--los padres del lanzador de los atleticos de oakland "gio gonzalez", fueron clave para su exito. ahora el popular beisbolista nos dice como usted puede encaminar a sus hijos para que alcancen sus metas deportivas. take pkg sot: no cg despues de una racha fenomenal, el popular lanzador de los atleticos gio gonzales dice que sus padres han sido clave para su exito. sot - gio gonzalez/atleticos aunque ha tenido dias no tan buenos, el haber sido elegido para el juego de sot - gio gonzalez/atleticos aunque ha tenido dias no tan buenos, el haber sido elegido para el juego de estrellas y como jugador de la semana esta semana pronostica un futuro brillante, dicen expertos como este comentarista deportivo. sot - manolo hernandez/comentari sta entre sus fanaticos esta aaron gonzalez quien comparte el mismo apellido y tambien quiere ser beisbolista.su papa esta orgulloso de apoyarlo. sot-adan gonzalez/padre de familia gio le dice a este papa y a otros: sot mientras gio trabaja para su equipo: sot cu --hoy inicio la cuenta regresiva de 100 dias, para la realizacion de los juegos panamericanos en g
relievers in the game. >> joe: jay bruce is a pinch hitter for yadier molina and gio gonzalez is going to come into the game. as we play in the eighth here in phoenix. nl up by 4. >> joe: with all these changes, score cards get messy quick. here's dale scott, home plate umpire. >> i'll tell you what. [laughter] >> say it. say it. [laughter] >> joe: and gio gonzalez hits the outside corner for a strike to jay bruce, who hangs in a while against left-handed pitching. part of the young rotation for the a's. gonzalez misses down and away in a count 1-1. fifth in the a.l. with that good e.r.a. bounced around in the minor leagues, but it has come together with oakland. no swing on the part of jay bruce. charlie manuel, the manager of the phillies, a really good hitting instructor in years past said we just played a series against the reds and jay bruce has no idea how good he can be. >> tim: charlie is saying that from the hitting area about two feet right through the hitting zone he's as quick as anybody in the major leagues. and those are his words, that jay bruce does not know how good he
of the series. >>> diamondbacks/a's. gio gonzalez named to his first career all-star game. connor jackson going upstairs off ian kennedy. kennedy thought he was snubbed for the all-star team, so what did he do? gave up seven runs. 4-1 oakland. now 5-1 as sizemore takes kennedy out. his second of the year. make it 7-1 a's. then gonzalez in command, gets johnson to end the seventh. seven strikeouts, a's 7-2, kate longworth with the wrap from oakland. >> reporter: basking in the glow of his first all-star collection, gio gonzalez cruised to his eighth win on the season. for the southpaw a big team victory sunday as well as a personal milestone. >> it was a secret are goal of mine. i wasn't trying to announce it or anything else, but i'm pretty sure everyone goes out trying to make the all-star team, win the playoffs, trying to win a cy young if you're a pitcher. there are so many awards you want as an athlete, but my goal was just trying to pitch, trying to stay healthy, and at least give our team a chance to win every time i go out there and pitch. >> gio is gio, just a fun loving kid who likes t
:00. tonight the home run derby in arizona, look who was throwing to boston's adrian gonzalez, former nats manager manny acta. gonzalez went a little gonzo, nine homers in his first go- round that would lead the pack early on, that one, 445 feet. look what happened during robinson cano's last out of the first round, a real all-star showed up. check out the kid on the run. a full extension, he gets the ball. so nice we must show it twice. do the nats need an outfielder? that's impressive. webcam of the night for that youngster. it would come down to gains and cano in the finals. red sox and yank -- to gonzalez and cano in the finals, red sox and yankees and with no lifeguard on duty beware of batted balls while swimming. gonzalez had 11 in the final round but wouldn't you know robby cano and the yankees would one up the sox again, cano's 12th bomb of the final round is the winner. looks like they won the world series, right? a big night for the bronx bombers. >>> tyler clifford is the national all-star. yesterday he was presented with his jersey by gm mike rizzo. the first time all-star ha
adrian gonzalez made a big splash. hit the second homer of the opening round into the pool in right field. he hit a best nine homer to get things started. prince fielder was the king of distance smashing this one-half way to albuquerque, 474 feet, two feet longer than robinson cano's best. a final between baseball's best rivalry, red sox versus yankees. gonzalez versus cano. check out the fab. makes a catch. he was all wet, and it turns out gonzalez was sunk. cano put on a show. he had his dad pitch to him. he had 12 home runs in six outs finishing with a total of 32 home runs. robinson cano is your 2011 home run derby champion. zimplgt the all-star game is tonight at 8:00 eastern. phillies a's haliday will take the mound. >>> the birdie on 18 forces a playoff. then yun wins it. . finally, the home run derby is all about sluggers hitting the long ball, but for one moment a kid with a glove stole the show. cano hit a moon shot for his final out of the first round. several ball boys were there to make the catch, but one of them came up big. diving grab. sign him up. cano may have the title,
gonzalez was a part of that. he brought some power tonight. gonzalez drives this one 439 feet. he finished in front of his teammates david ortiz. second place for gonzalez, the winner a yankee. dustin cano wins the home run derby. and the pitcher was not a derby, it was cano's dad. how about that for a field of dreams. >>> and ravens running back ray rice has used his twitter account to add fuel to the rivalry with the stealers. now rice wrote that he expects pittsburgh receiver hines ward to miss the season opener because ward was charged with dui last week. that led to a twitter exchange with steelers safety ryan clark who suggested his team would not stoop to rice's level of taking shots at a rival over a drunk driving charge. as if it needed any more build up. >> can they leave it on the field. >> i think that's eyes on the road, right? hands on the wheel. [ male announcer ] the want-it, need-it... stay focused. [ male announcer ] ...gotta-have-it taste of mcdonald's burgers. the simple joy worth waiting for. [ young man ] how's your burger, bro? [ thinking ]he best, another pet name?l
the right moves if you watched the game. gonzalez from as, sandoval from the giants, matt cain the giants, vogelsong the giants, tim lincecum of the giants and brian wilson, look at me, oh, yeah, here we go. top of the 4th. adrian gonzalez. right now, the frontrenner for american league mvp. it's 1-0 american league. but with one swing of the bat. prince fielder became the mvp. there it is, three-run job, nationals lead 3-1. let's give it some of the local flavor. sandoval came in as a replacement at 3rd base. his only at-bat delivers the goods. down the left field line, hunter prince is going to score and that's all the nationals needed and some. sandoval, one at-bat, a ringing double, how about gio gonzalez, the as' lone representative, struck out jay bruce to end the 8th inning, and then brian wilson, a couple of runners on, comes in the 9th, and gets the final two outs of the game. lincecum, you do wonder why couldn't he throw one or two batters? they didn't want to overuse lincecum for the regular season, bochy calling all the shots. so lincecum and vogelsong don't pitch, neither doe
it and giants lose 6-3. >>> gio gonzalez will be the only one making the trip to arizona for the green and gold. after today's start, gio has third lowest e.r.a. in the american league. he kept all the diamondbacks off balance all afternoon. gio strikes out seven and allows one run in seven innings. the last couple games he's allowed one run or less. then, de jesus lines one into the gap. finally some life shown out of de jesus. then in the sixth, the as pour it on. conor jackson burns his former team. only the second for jackson. now, scott sizemore joins the party and hits a blast off ian kennedy. the swinging as count out ten hits and beat the diamondbacks 7-2 and take the series. a big day for gonzalez. >> i was sleeping and bob kept calling me. he called five times. i was like, who is this? he said it's bob, your manager. congratulations, you're an all- star. i'm definitely going to celebrate with my family tonight and enjoy it, probably take them to a nice restaurant. hopefully mcdonald's sounds good. >> good call. >>> all right. pga final round of the at&t national. nick watney hit as sp
. but fielder was eliminated in the second round. the finals were robinson cano and adrian gonzalez. gonzalez hit the most memorable homer of the night. hits it into the pool in right field. look at that fan, jumps after it. take another look. this is dedication. gonzalez hit 11 home runs during the finals. his pitcher was manager manny acta. cano had 12 home runs. his dad, jose, was pitching for him and he crushes number 12 to the seats in right field. very, very happy moment for the cano family as robinson and his dad hoist that trophy together. very special memory for the two of them. >>> it is not only fans at home that stand in awe of those at the all-star game, in some cases it's the players themselves. that surely is the case for the nationals' lone representative, tyler clippard. he says he's dreamt for this moment for a very long time. that was here at nats park yesterday. he helped the nationals beat the rockies and then he hopped on a jet with troy tulowitzki to the all-star game. this is clippard's first time in an all-star game. as for the emotion after his first day of all-star
to get into the american race this season. before today's game began, gio gonzalez learned he was named to the american league all stars roster. gonzalez was very excited. arizona was retired in order. gonzalez was touched for a round in the 4th. that scores coco crisp and matsui. production by dejesus would be huge for oakland in the second half. the a's put the game away in the sixth. conner jackson got into a kennedy pitch. homer number two for jackson, makes it 4-1. later in the inning, after the a's had scored another run. sizemore scored another run. the a's get five on the inning for a 5-1 lead. gonzalez worked out of it, he fans johnson again to end the inning. gonzalez gives up just one run in five hits. it's good for his eighth win as oakland takes this one 7-2. after the game gonzalez wasn't hiding the fact that he hoped to be an all star. >> absolutely. it was a secret goal of myself. i wasn't trying to announce it, but i would lie to you if i said for sure i'm going to make the all star team. there were a couple of times i had hick ups on the road and i tried to keep us in
zenaidash nanny gonzalez had taken her child and investigators spent a long time searching for the mystery woman. and when they found somebody who mached the description that woman says it turned her life upside down. >> when all this started going public and everybody started looking for szenaida gonzalez, got to my employer's ears and after that i just got fired. >> now, the real zenaida gonzalez has a plan to make casey anthony tell the truth. thatsd' coming up from the space coast, from the journalists of fox news, on this friday "fox report". the day of a historic last shuttle mission. >> it happened so quickly it is grasp ono get a real tbras p it. overwhelmed by adrenaline and emotions. you are saying stop, stop, wait a minute, i want to savor this. [ female announcer ] kiss everything you know about cookies goodbye. new newtons t thins. real cranberries and delicious cranberry citrus oat... ♪ or real blueberries... ♪ ...and luscious blueberry brown sugar. the goodness of whole grains... and a thin crispy crunch. new newtons fruit thins, onunique cookie. a network of possibiliti
the national league. there are the boys. cut to the final round. that's gonzalez. deep and splash. right there at chase field. 11 home runs in the final round. robinson cano, taking pitches from his dad and this one ties gonzalez. dad saying one more, son. let's get out of here and he served him up well. right over the plate and that is it. robinson cano is the 1211 all- star home run derby champion. after that rickey henderson leading off the celebrity softball game with a home run. like he has done so many times before. tony larussa's a's and melted with the home run trot. by the way they lost to the national league, 5-3. starting pitchers announced today. american league jered weaver against roy halladay. bruce bochy has five giants tomorrow. he can't wait for the first pitch. roughly after 5:00 p.m. our time. >> i will tell you what an honor it is to be here with the best players in the world. you still think about it because this is one of the premier events of all of sports. i still just consider myself fortunate to be here and manage these great players. very, very honored to be h
-- socks pitcher kyle wieland making his major league debut. move to the bottom of the 6th, mike gonzalez facing david ortiz and oh oh, that pitch is behind ortiz. so foster ejects gonzalez as well as both managers. tempers flared all weekend between these two. o's fall to the red sox 8-6 and finish a miserable road trip at 1-9. >>> abby wambach and the u.s. women with a lesson how to use your head at the world cup, highlights coming up next. beth! hi. looking good! you've lost some weight. thanks! you noticed! you know these clothes are too big now, so i'm donating them. not going back there again. good for you! how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. whole grain? whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't... multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart he
ortiz. adrian gonzalez and cano in the fifil round of the derby, gonzalez, are you serious? into the pool it goes. chececthis fan out. time for adult swim. jumped right in with the glove. gonzalez finishes with 11. now for the man of the hour, cano, digs in, goes out, way out, tied gonzalez with 11. that one 472 feet, a you go from his dad before this, get up and get gone. that is the winner, 12 in the final round for him. dad is proud, robinson cano, your home run derby champion. >>> and so we take a look at the time two contestants and robinson cano with a record 32 home runs, he had a record 12 in that final round as you see right there. it always comes down to the yankees and red sox and it does here, once again at the home run derby. that i i the very latest from te sports scene. i'm don bell. >>> well, a marine serving in afghanistan just proves that all you have to do is ask and you shall receive. >> you just never know. sergrgnt scott moore posted a youtube invited "black swan" star mila kunis to attend. with the urging of his co-star justin timberlake she said yes.
home run derby champion. the popular all-star break competition came down to boston's adrian gonzalez and robinson canno of the yankees. for a while it looked like gonzalez would take top hon ears but canno beat him by one run. >>> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. >>> good morning on this tuesday. it is 4:30. we're taking a live look over washington, d.c. this morning. definitely much quieter out there than it was last night. good morning, everyone. i'm sarah sill pons. welcome to -- sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. tucker barnes is here. he's been very busy in the weather department. it was very busy last night for a lot of folks today. we're busy because it's going to be hot. >> hazy, hot and humid. the heat will be dangerous for a time this afternoon with a heat index pushing 105. this is one of those days we don't love these in summertime but we get them occasionally. i want to show you vipor. thunderstorms moving through last night. a lot of lightning, especially the shot live there from the tower cam last night. you can see the radar, shower activity out
hideki matsui. they have come alive on this road trip. they dahl the shots against oakland. gio gonzalez steaks an early two-run lead. eduardo nunez stakes one to left field. new york leads 3-2. >>> the a's banged out a season high 15 hits, hideki matsui hit over 300 on the trip. 5 for 5 today. eric some guard trying to score from first brace. robinson cano's relay is high but in time. bow guard is out. side retired. russell martin able to sag sogard just in time. gonzalez was not his all-star best in the bronx. gave up 6 runs, couldn't get out of the fifth inning. curtis grant, second deck. they lead 5-2. a's down two in the ninth. willingham delivers. base hit, jamaal wink scores to make it 7-5, first run, rivera has allowed all season at home. bases still loaded. here is davide jesus. could they pull it out. a line drive right as mark teixeira steps on first for the double play. they lose a heartbreaker 7-5, they have lost 5 of the last 16 in new york. pat gillick and bert by leafen inducted into the hall of fame. he gets the nod after 14 years of eligibility. he recalled the first p
gonzalez named to his first all-star game, looking every bit the part. bottom six, 2-1 a's. connor jackson, did he get enough? yeah, he did off kennedy. a two-run shot, first oakland homer of the series. but not the last. same inning, sizemore going up top, kennedy felt like an all-star snub. then he went out and gave up seven runs. top seven, gonzalez getting it done, johnson waving. 7-2 a's winners. >>> men's singles final at wimbledon, the defending champ na daud, djokovic. that will play. we go on to break and take the set 6 huh-4, championship return, jokedjokovic his first d slam title. he is 48-1 in 2011. so the giants lose a game but gain four all-stafrs. much more on that coming up at 6:00. >> 48-1, a pretty good year. thank you very much, scott. >> that will play, yeah. >>> when we come back, can thee fbi track your every move . qrn controversia >>> the supreme court agreed this week to take up a controversial issue involving privacy in the digital age, a challenge to the police practice of secretly installing tracking devices in the cars of unsuspecting drivers. nbc's pete willi
, short. the outfield has braun, berkman and kemp. i gio gonzalez is the only athletic going. today he showed why he was chose chosen. oakland broke through in the fourth. dejesus puts the team on top with the two-out, two-run double. the a's break it open in the sixth. jackson takes kennedy deep to left. the ball just gets out. later that same inning. scott sizemore delivers another two-run shot. the a's0. 7-2. gonzalez is 3-0 with a 1.29 earned run average. manager bob melvin phoned gio with the good news. >> when i saw the number, thought, who is this call? went back to sleep. then he called again and again, and i finally picked up and i was like, hello? and he was like, hey. it's bob. it's your manager. i want to be the first to congratulate you. you're an all-star. >> here's the american league all-star lineup. three yankees in the infield, cano, rodriguez, and jeter. the outfielders, bautista, granderson and hamilton. the game is a week from tuesday in phoenix. >> since 2003, either roger federer or rafael nadal has won the men's title at wimbledon. today djokovic took on nadal.
didn't bite his tongue. giants lose 6-3. geo gonzalez, he will be the only member of the green and gold making the trip to arizona. he now has the third lowest e.r.a. in the american league. he kept the diamondbacking off balance all afternoon. he allows one run in seven innings. bottom of the fourth, arizona up 1-0. jesus lines a two-run double into the gap. finally signs of life from de jesus who's hitting just under .300 on the homestand. then in the sixth, the as pour it on. connor jackson burns his old team. it's now 5-1, as when scott sizemore joins the party. he hits a blast off ian kennedy. the swinging as pound out -- hits and take two out of three. a big day for gonzalez. >> i was sleeping and i kept getting my wakeup call. he called five times until i finally picked up. i was like, who is this. he said it's bob, your manager. congratulations. i wanted to tell you you're an all-star. i'm going to celebrate with my family. take them to a nice restaurant. mcdonald's sounds good. >>> final round of the at&t national. this shot by watney take as bounce into the fairway. all class,
another blockbuster deal. baseball's all-star teams are named. would gio gonzalez make it. answers next in a minute. [ jolene ] i got involved with honor flight through my job here at southwest airlines. honor flight is an opportunity for world war two veterans to travel to washington d.c. to get to see their monument. you know, joe, i'd like to thank you for honoring our country, for giving your time, and just making us so proud. [ joe ] on behalf of all of the veterans, you're welcome. ♪ this is who i am. ♪ >>> the bay area will have five pitchers in the all-star game this year. lincecum, wilson, matt cain and ryan -- for the giants. gio gonzalez. >>> speaking of gio, you think he's taking the gel low jersey -- yellow jersey to arizona? bet he does. after today's start, gio now last the third lowest e.r.a. in the american league. the rays beat the d-backs 7-2. right back up the middle, two runs come in to score. 4-3, detroit. top of the 8th, rowand, shots to the gap look like extra bases. the game-saving catch. the giants end the road trip with a 6-3 loss. >>> the sharks traded --
notice also ejected. sixth inning, mike gonzalez, he throws behind ortiz, gonzalez and buck showalter, see you later, hit the showers. big papi gets this one. red sox won the game 8-6. >>> and now the ever-popular tour de france gets a much needed day off. after a barrage of crashes and injuries. sunday's stage nine included the worst one yet. check this out. a french camera crew traveling in the car, willie geist driving, swerves. oh, my -- oh! are you all right? two cyclists crashed, and rider went into barbed wire fence. later said he was happy to be alive. me, too. incredibly both guys continued and finished the stage. french crew has been banned from the rest of the race. >>> coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," president obama want a meeting every day but will it be enough? we'll kick that around the table on "morning joe". >>> when we come back here, we're going to huddle around the water cooler with two men staging a harrowing jail break attempt all caught on camera. [ female announcer ] now, give dry, damaged hair a whole new life! with aveeno nourish plus moist
, reyes as short. and braun, berkman and kemp. gio gonzalez is the only thattic -- athletic going. he went seven innings and allow ud win run. oakland broke through against ian kennedy. dejesus puts the team on top with this double. the a's break it open in the sifntle conner jackson, with this one deep to left. later that same inning, sizemore delivers another two-run homer. the a's win. here's the american league all-star lineup. detroit, avia is the catcher. the infield has adrian gonzalez, and cano, rodriguez, and jeter, the outfielders are bautista, jeters', and ham -- hamilton. the game is tuesday in phoenix. >> since 2003 either roger federer or rafael nadal has won the men's single title in wimbledon. today novak djokovic tried to break the string. he assure himself of the number one ranking. the serb indicate out strong, takes the first set in the second, djokovic was all over the court. gets to this drop shot and comes back with one of his own. nadal won the third set but djokovic would not be denied. this was championship point. captures his first wimbledon title. gets his fifth
league. bottom of the 8th, the a's, gonzalez gets his turn, strikes out jay bruce. top of the 9th, fear the beard, baby. brian wilson gets konerko to ground into the game-ending play. 5-1 is your final. our jamie wraps it up live from phoenix. >> reporter: henry, last year when the giants won the world series, they talked about how important it was to have games one and two at at&t park. if they're lucky tough to get back there this season, homefield advantage will once again belong to the giants. >> that's what everybody in this locker room should be talking and, their team having homefield advantage, provided they can make the postseason. >> it really benefits you. so that was part of the message, how important it was for us and how important the game was to do it again for the national league champion. they played well, we pitched well. >> that's what we come here for, just for that reason. and guys put themselves in a position to do so. the last couple of years, everybody has done their part and that's just fun to see guys doing it but potential enemies at the same time. >> reporter
bar the virginia neighborhood. -- in an upscale northern virginia neighborhood. john gonzalez has the latest. m a tragedy and a very mysterious crime. it happened in a very wealthy community in mclean, virginia. the 71-year-old psychiatrist was found dead along with one of his female patients inside of his office neighbors reported hearing several gunshots at about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. today, the police say they have reason to believe the female patient, a 62-year-old woman shot and killed the psychiatrist, who had been her doctor for several years and then turned the gun on herself. dr. lawrence used part of his mansion as his office, seeing patients their daily. the police say one of the sessions yesterday afternoon went terribly wrong. >> we determined it was a murder-suicides. there was a psychiatrist that lived in the home, 71 years old dr. lawrence, and he was treating patients in his home. apparently there was some type of dispute. >> we know that the doctor's wife was home at the time. she was not harmed. dr. lawrence received his medical degree at harvard and has liv
three rbis in the ball game. bottom of the ninth, facing alex gonzalez. gets a bouncer to short. ian desmond charges and fires to first for the final out. storen gets his final victory and this nats which and they'll fry to win the series tomorrow at 1:35. >>> baltimore, jj hardy signed a contract worth more than $22 million. bottom of the sixth, nick markakis up and you're so not catching that. out for a solo home one rb his eighth homer of the season, the os take a 3-2 lead on one swing of the bat. two outs and kevin greg in to shut the door on the indians. he loads the bases and cabrera drives one into the gap. it's a 6-5 game. things getting interested in baltimore and buck showalter says to greg, you're done, dude. mike gonzalez facing grady si sizemore. and the os hang on to win 6-5 and snap their nine-game losing streak. >>> golf, a youngster from northern ireland won the last major championship. now an older guy from northern ireland might be the next to win a major championship. 42-year-old darren clark would be the 24th different man in history to win a major over the age o
gonzalez prepares for his first all-star game. what are the giants saying about their first-time arl-alst ti pitcher? we've got the details, next. you behind the scenes as gio >>> you've heard the expression that good things come in small packages. turns out, so do ideas. >> an oakland woman came up with the idea of ridiculously tiny letters. our photojournalist mike anderson introduces us to lee redmond, postmaster of the world's smallest post service. >> hi. i'm lee redmond and i will a postmaster. i'm postmaster of the world's smallest post service, and it is a transcription service and i make teeny, tiny, idy biddy letters and ship them all over the world. there's something very magical and special about small things that's definitely hard to put your finger on. i was actually waking up from a nap and the idea of ridiculously tiny letters popped into my head and it slowly transitioned from lee's goofy art project to a business i make my living doing now. people all over the world come to my web site and they just fill out the form and then i hear in my workshop in oakland make th
anthony claimed she left caylee with a nanny and gonzalez is a real person and never met casey and now she is suing the convicted liar for defamation. the fox report's chief correspondent has the news. this case could cost casey a little bit of money. >>jonathan: it could. mrs. gonzalez says when she name add woman with the same name as being the kidnapper of 2-year-old, she, the real gonzalez could no longer find work and was ostracized by friends and family. so she is seeking damages for the lost work and for the emotional trauma. it is not an easy case to prove according to legal experts but, at the same time, these civil lawsuits are a real minefield for casey anthony to negotiate. >> the burden is less in the civil cases. you only have to prove by preponderance of the evidence, the greater weight of the evidence. there is no reasonable doubt to prove and casey anthony has to testify in the civil lawsuits. >>jonathan: and casey anthony is subpoenaed to be questioned under oath next saturday july 16. >>shepard: there are several other whose could go advocacy anthony for damage and compe
ricky weeks. paw plan co is at third and reyes at short. geo gonzalez is the only athletic going to the allstar game. today against arizona he showed why he was chosen. he struck out seven while allowing just one run over seven innings. the a's took control in the 6th. connor jackson takes ian kennedy deep for a two-run homer. later that same inning and sizemore delivers another two-run shot. the a's roll 7-2. gonzalez is 3 and 0 with a 1.29 run point average. he phoned geo this morning with the good news. >> when i saw the number at first i thought, who is this calling? i put it back on vibrate and went back to sleep. then he called again and again and again. finally picked up and was like, hello? he was hike, hey, it is bob. i was wondering -- i wanted to congratulate you. you are an allstar. >> the american league lineup is dom it thated by new york, boston's adrian gonzalez is at first. he is joined by three yankees, rodriguez, konoas and jeter and/or tease is the dh. >>> still to come, there is a new men's champ at wimbledon. and the sharks make another major trade with minn
gonzalez lawsuit caylee -- casey has been ducking her deposition because of the kriel now that it is over she has to try to testify on that. >> i think she will eventually. i think her lawyer was grandstanding insisting she be deposed before she was released from prison. the statue is not totaling. what do you think of the zani the nanny lawsuit. i think that's a bit more questionable from the equusearch lawsuit. >> i think that's a lot more questionable. i think the lawsuit has merit. now that being said i may have suffered some harm it has nothing to do with me. it doesn't rise to the level it needs to be. john smith of the world is going to sue me the claim is absurd in and itself. i can't believe the judge hasn't dropped this case already. >> oh god. >> what stacy? >> wrong, wrong, wrong. i don't agree with him at all. >> this is not just onnon smith. this is zonita gonzalez fernandez. this woman suffered such loss since this incident. she got evicted can't get a job she has suffering and damages. this isn't something i mentioned something. it is a full statement made she is been conv
is a pinch hitter for yadier molina and gio gonzalez is going to come into the game. as we play in the eighth here in phoenix. nl up by 4. >> joe: with all these changes, score cards get messy quick. here's dale scott, home plate umpire. >> i'll tell you what. [laughter] >> say it. say it. [laughter] >> joe: and gio gonzalez hits the outside corner for a strike to jay bruce, who hangs in a while against left-handed pitching. part of the young rotation for the a's. gonzalez misses down and away in a count 1-1. fifth in the a.l. with that good e.r.a. bounced around in the minor leagues, but it has come together with oakland. no swing on the part of jay bruce. charlie manuel, the manager of the phillies, a really good hitting instructor in years past said we just played a series against the reds and jay bruce has no idea how good he can be. >> tim: charlie is saying that from the hitting area about two feet right through the hitting zone he's as quick as anybody in the major leagues. and those are his words, that jay bruce does not know how good he is going to be. >> joe: and when you get that f
. bottom of the ninth. closing it out. facing alex gonzalez. bouncer to short. desmond charges. fires to first for the final out. earns his 24th save. nats beat the braves, 5-2. they try to win later today at 1:35. in baltimore, orioles sign shortstop j.j. hardy to air three-year contract extension. o's taking on the indians. nick markakis up. so not catching that. out for a solo home run. his eighth homer of the season. o's take a 3-2 lead. here we go. top nine. o's up 6-2. two outs. kevin gregg to shut the door on the indians. not so fast. loads the bases. cabrera drives one to the back. it's now 6-5 ball game. drama. and manager buck showalter comes out, says to gregg you're done. in comes mike gonzalez facing grady sizemore with tying run at second. and gonzalez gets sizemore to ground to first for the final out. the o's hang on to win, 6-5 and snap their nine-game losing streak. # golf now. a youngster from northern ireland won the last major championship. now an older guy from northern ireland might be the next to win the championship. 42-year-old darren clarke will be the 24th
to be a conviction. so when zen ada gonzalez brought her defamiliaration action, it struck me as frugal and now she has been noticed for a deposition by the lawyer of gonzalez. that case actually has merit because casey published a falsity, said that gonzalez engaged in a felony, criminal kidnapping. so it's going to be one of a number of things we'll be looking at. casey anthony is far from out of the woods. >> does it matter whether they knew each other or not? there's no relationship, they were strangers there is no case. >> there is no case. this case is going to be dismissed. casey couldn't talk while the criminal case was pending for fear of her fifth amendment rights. now she'll give an affidavit and say, this is not the woman i was referring to. i never had any attempt to defame her because i never knew her or met her. the case is going to be dismissed. absolutely. >> okay. richard, you see differently, real quick. you think there is a case? >> yeah, i mean there is no case. she doesn't know the woman. >> it was an imaginary zenaida. >> it's such an unusual name to imagine. >> i mean, this
yankees -- red sox fashion. adrian gonzalez crashed a record t tieing homer in the final round. the yankees second baseman became the home run derby king. a scary moment during the second round of the derby. prince fielder crushes a home run to right field. remember last week when the fan tragically fell to his death at the rangers game. this could have been eerily similar. a fan on the second level concourse falls over the railing. only to be caught by his brother and friend inside that circle. inside the circle, keith carmichael was pulled to safety. the finals came down to robinson cano and adrian gonzalez. cano hits it into the pool in right field. a fan jumps in after it. gonzalez hit 11 home runs during the final. his pitcher was former nationals manager manny atka. cano with his father jose pitching for him was the definitive star last night. he crushes number 12 to the seats in right field. a wonderful fantastic moment for the cano family. as robinson and his father, jose a former major league pitcher himself hoists that trophy high above. can you imagine what that must
a single, that was more than enough for all-star pitcherrer gonzalez. gonzalez gets out of a mini jam when torri hunter bounces back to him, gonzalez goes seven innings allowing four hits, a's win it, 9-1, oakland off tomorrow before playing the first of two in detroit on tuesday. >>> still to come, on this early sunday sportswrap, we'll check in on the 15th stage of the tour de france and see how a long day for one of nascar's top drivers knocked hill out of the top spot is in the standingsed. we'll be right back. ee accesse atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters. . >>> it's tied at top in nascar sprint cup standings and that means things could change dramatically. bursch's day ended early on lap 60, busch cuts his tire and ends up against the wall. take a look at his car. you will see you cannot continue like this. he tumbled from the top spot in points to no. 5. it was a good day for the stewart-haas racing team and ryan neuman finished first and his teammate tony stewart r
an astounding 32 dingers one more than gonzalez. it was a family affair. his dad, jose, was the pitcher so you know he got amazing and cano's father pitched a few games for the astros back in the 1980's. what do you know, robbie cano, wins the home run derby. and one of the biggest names in baseball will take the field in four hours. and, unfortunately, some of the best players are not suiting up. because of injuries or whatever excuse they came up with or because they pitched over the weekend or whatever. justin verlander, and pujols among them, and but it will still be a him of a game. we could see stellar action on the mound tonight and i think the hot host of all-star game is us with. >> and you said "some guy named adrian gonzalez," listen, folks he is a yankees man, so the guy that could be mvp this year, he is "some guy." >>shepard: they are half a game up. pitching tonight ... that lineup, you look at the al roster, i don't know how you get through that but for the pitcher who is there. >>guest: the national league has the pitching edge. the game is starting off with roy who is the 4 t
baseball has also suspended mike gonzalez. unless the players appeal, which is likely, they will start marketing the suspension will be like this. four games for kevin gregg and an undisclosed 9. 3 games for gonzales. one game for buck showalter. the will likely appeal, which means moving into the bullpen in coming days for buck showalter. >> i think it is more, look at the finished product and what is produced and what is not. you know? i think we have seen in the past what is initially handed down and what initially get served are two different things and a lot of cases. will let the forces play out. >> a legal decision to de. one that comes down in his favor with the a mistrial. the judge this -- the judge declared a mistrial. the judge called the prosecution's misstep the mistake of a first-year law student giving the prosecution has until the first week of august to decide it wants to file motions for new trout. eight years after a blunder, a chance to win the british open, back at the top of the leader board and the shares it with the least likely playwright any field, a 20-year-
the stand and scoreboard. on the field mike, on geo gonzalez, a grand slam. rangers lead them 8-5. oakland left with two left before the all star game. they want to keep a heartbeat for playoffs. they better win one this weekend. yao ming can no longer take the pain. after 9 seasons, eight of those as an all star, the 7-foot center has retired. he played five games last year after suffering a broken bone in his foot and stress fracture in his ankle. yao ming will no longer be manning the middle in the nba. >>> ohio state football now officially 0-13 in 2010. in cahoots with the ncaa, ohio state administers, hey, i'll tell you what he recollects we'll forfeet all our games just go light on us. all the stuff about illegal memorabilia, one of the great college football programs in america, not so great right now. they forfeeted every win. a bear in a tree at the course in colorado spring. camer, with e see it every time. we've got a few bunts, moved to florida. she's -- stacy lewis is 4 under, one shot ahead of the field. we show these highlights this week comprehensive. they didn't finish th
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